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Forget Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson Is Still Playing Pretty Good Golf Too

By Brian Ethridge - Posted: 07/11/13 08:25PM UTC
Phil Mickelson

Mickelson left Day 1 with a one-under 69. (Photo: Reuters)

It seems like these days the only time the mainstream media ever covers golf is if it's the Masters or if it has something to do with Tiger Woods. Phil Mickelson used to be a media darling, but lately even he has struggled to get any attention. Even though he has not won any Majors recently, Mickelson is still playing some of the best golf in the world.

Recently on the first day of the Scottish Open, he shot a 6-under 66 which currently leaves him behind only two of his peers.

"It's great for me to get off to a decent start because I have gotten off to poor starts the last couple of years here, and I have been fighting just to make the cut and get into reasonable contention," said Mickelson. "I'm not having to battle uphill."

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Mickelson is currently the No. 8 highest rated golfer in the world which makes him the highest rated golfer currently participating in the Scottish Open. Still, his good day of golfing should not go unnoticed like it currently is by the mainstream media.

Even if not many people around the sports world care to follow the Scottish Open, if Tiger Woods was currently playing well at it, ESPN would be covering it like they cover the Super Bowl.

The fact of the matter is, Mickelson is a better golfer than Woods is right now. Many people may disagree with that opinion, but look at it this way. Neither golfer is winning majors, but Mickelson is consistently very good. On the other hand, Woods is either great or horrible depending on the day.

When they are both on their A-game, we would take Woods in a heartbeat in a one on one competition. But if they stay playing like they both have been during the past year, we would take Mickelson head to head at least six out of 10 times.


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