Interview With Deontay Wilder

By Nathan Haworth, Posted: 08/23/13 01:28PM EDT

Hi Deontay, it's good speaking with you again; this is my first interview with a Pro boxer so take it easy on me. First of all how is everything, have you had much time to rest since your last fight i.e. family time etc?

No time to rest. I've been to Atlanta then to Vegas then to California. I'm looking forward to things slowing down so I can get back to training.

I know your last fight only lasted 1:43, but what did you take away from it; apart from another W on your record?

I learn in all my fights. Every bit of experience helps and adds to me becoming a complete fighter.

Everyone said Liakhovich would be you toughest task; what's your opinion on him now?

My opinion now is...hahahahahaha!

I know you train pretty much all year round, but how long did you prepare for your previous Fight?

The fight was postponed because it was going to be in July 13 in New York but Bernard Hopkins opponent fell through so they backed it up. We started in Mid May and had sparring with Jarrell Miller and Ray Austin. When the fight got postponed we finished camp as if it was still on. We wrapped up July 7th, like we were about to travel fight week. Then we took a week completely off. Then we started again with August 9th in mind, brining in Bryant Ezell, Jameel McCline and Alonzo Butler. So the way we did it I wasn't overcooked. I didn't peak too early. I peaked just right and it showed.

Now you're so close to a Heavyweight title shot do you feel any added pressure when you step in the ring?

I never feel pressure. Pressure clogs up your focus and your performance. Some guys need Drano to unclog their minds! I just focus and perform.

According to your 13th in the rankings; Dereck Chisora is 12th, is that some unfinished business you'd like to take care of?

Yes I'd love a Chisora fight. Not fighting him is like having a sandwich full of meat with no sause. You gotta have sause! I'd love that fight.

Kubrat Pulev fights Tony Thompson on 24/08/2013 in Germany; what do you think the outcome will be?

I'm going with Thompson over Pulev. Gotta go with my countryman. I hope he wins and then I want to fight him.

How about the winner of that fight; is that someone you fancy your chances with?

I'll fight either one. I think it's a bigger fight with Thompson because two ranked Americans fighting will be big. And with him knocking out Price twice and then if he beats Pulev it'll be huge in America.

Let's get on to sparring; rumour has it your coming to the UK to prepare David Haye for his upcoming bout with Tyson Fury, true or False?

Yes I can confirm I'll be helping David beat Goliath! I'm flying to London soon and will do three weeks in camp with him. It's great for me and great for him. We make each other better. Here I come English fans! Can't wait to see you. BBBOOOMMMBBB SSSQQQUUUAAADDD!!!

Having already sparred with Wlad is he someone you think you could handle in the ring or is that a little too much too soon?

I would love that fight. Wlad has been Champ a long time because he deserves it. He's not going to change what he does and why should he? I'm the younger guy and I can adjust. That's what makes it a great fight. He'll do what he does and I'll do my thing and it will be a great fight. He's the best so that's who I want.

A few questions for Jay Deas now (Deontay's Trainer):

In your opinion could Deontay take on Wladimir by the end of the year; if he wasn't already fighting Povetkin?

I think a Klitschko-Wilder fight would be a real possibility in 2014. We're already in August. Wlad will fight Povetkin and we hope Deontay will fight twice more in 2013 and that takes us into the New Year, which we think will be a huge year for Deontay.

Since you've been training Deontay, how much improvement have you seen in him?

He gets better every day. He's more patient. Picks his shots better. I think the Liakhovich fight is one of his best. I want to mention that Team Wilder consists of Deontay, Jay Deas that's me who has coached Deontay since his first day, Mark Breland, my co-trainer who is the lead in the corner; Russ Anber who wraps Deontay's hands and who Wlad Klitschko called the best handwrapper ever! Russ is also our cut man. Cuz Hill is my assistant trainer and rounds out the team. So in all, well over 100 years of experience and quite a contrast of personalities but a tremendous chemistry.

Who in the UK would you like to see Deontay fight?

In the UK I always like the Chisora fight. I accepted that fight after the Harrison fight but with Deontay's legal situation he couldn't do it. We tried to see if Chisora could come to the states but that wasn't possible. So now that Deontay's legal situation is clearing and he can travel abroad maybe this can be done. Both are coming off big wins so it is a bigger fight than it was before. Also the Fury-Haye winner and even David Price if he gets a couple of wins. Don't count Price out. Remember they said the same things about the Klitschko's before. They said how they didn't have stamina or heart and both are going to be first ballot hall of fame! Price has tremendous upside still if he's handled correctly.

Let's get back to Deontay for the Last couple of Questions. You're only 27 now; a few years until you reach your prime, once you've reached your goal in boxing how long do you think you can stay there for?

I'm not sure how long. I look at one fight at a time but I want to build a great legacy so I need to stay around a while to do that.

Last of all; have you got any word on your next opponent, just so we can keep your Bomb Squad in the loop?

No word yet on opponent. We hope to know something soon. Stay tuned and thanks. UK here I come! BBOOMMBB SSQQUUAADD!!


Deontay "The Bronze Bomber" Wilder is most definitely the best US heavyweight out there. Deontay has only been pro for five years and has managed to accumulate 29 wins with 29 KO's; and has never been beyond the 4th round. His most noticeable knock out came in his previous fight with former WBO Heavyweight Champion Siarhei Liakhovich which ended in a first round knockout.

Deontay's next challenge is now moving to the UK for three weeks to help prepare David "The Hayemaker" Haye for his upcoming bout with Tyson Fury; which should make for an interesting watch.

Once again thanks to Deontay Wilder and his trainer Jay Deas for their time.

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