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New England Patriots: Quarterback Is What Tim Tebow Plays Best

By Timothy Holland - Posted: 08/28/13 06:43PM UTC
Tim Tebow

New England Patriots quarterback Tim Tebow passes (Photo: Tim Schaffer/Reuters / Timothy Holland)

There are many who feel that New England Patriots backup quarterback Tim Tebow would be better off trying another position. They feel that Tebow will never make it as an NFL quarterback, but is a good enough football player to be productive in some other capacity.

This is fine, but what skills does Tebow have that would transfer to playing tight end, H-back, fullback or any other position? The truth of the matter is that quarterback is Tebow's best position and if he does not succeed there then Tebow will likely never start in the pros again.

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The biggest reason why Tebow is not an NFL quarterback is that he is not an accurate passer. This is not news. Tebow was known more for his running ability during his college days at the University of Florida where he won the Heisman Trophy in 2008. If Tebow was to become an accurate passer, he would have had to learn while in college. The opportunity to do this was there as Tebow was one of he most highly recruited talents in the nation coming out of high school. However, after choosing to attend Florida,Tebow decided to run Head Coach Urban Meyer's offense which did nothing to develop his passing skills.

After two years with the Denver Broncos in which he led them to the playoffs his second season, Tebow was let go by the team as they searched for a more accurate passer.

The New York Jets picked him up and Tebow spent the 2012 season with them backing up starter Mark Sanchez and occasionally taking a snap or two. It was obvious that the Tebow experiment was not going to work as his accuracy problems continued and he was unable to generate any consistent offense running the ball himself.

Now, it is New England's turn. No one really knows why Patriots Head Coach Bill Belichick signed Tebow, but most experts feel that if anyone can make use of him it is Belichick. However, like the Broncos and Jets before them, New England is finding out that Tebow still has a long ways to go and quarterback is his best position.

Tebow is not a tight end, H-back or fullback for the same reason that he is not a good quarterback. He does not have good enough footwork to play any of these positions. He does not have enough quickness to get separation from linebackers or defensive backs in pass routes. He is not quick enough to run through a hole and get the most out of a running play. Using him strictly as a blocker would be wasting a roster spot.

If Tim Tebow remains on offense it will have to be as a quarterback. This is the position that he plays best.

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