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Are You Watching "The League" Yet?

By Geoff Mills - Posted: 09/05/13 02:58PM UTC

I know everyone is excited to watch the Ravens and the Broncos at 8:30 tonight, some more then others. I am of course talking about fantasy football players, one league in particular. It may just be a fantasy game but to them it's their world. I am talking about the FXX series "The League". They just started their fifth season last night on Sept. 4, 2013.

It's a show about a group of friends that start an eight-man fantasy football league. These so-called best friends do whatever it will take to win their league championship, even if that means sacrificing their marriage or neglecting their children. The six main characters are Andre, Jenny, Kevin, Pete, Ruxin and taco. Andre is a plastic surgeon who seems to be the butt of everyone's jokes. Jenny is married to Kevin and used to manage his team for him until she decided to branch out on her own with her own fantasy team. Kevin, Jenny's husband is commissioner of the league but is always coming up short when it comes to winning games. Pete is Kevin's best friend and has won the most league championships. Ruxin is a Lawyer who is always thinking his friends are colluding against him so he doesn't win the league. Last but not Least is Taco, he is Kevin's brother and is a stoner and an entrepreneur, he is usually too high to realize what the league is or that he is even part of it even though he has won the league championship in the past.

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"The League" has completed four seasons and is working on their fifth, and through the years it has earned quite a reputation. Many NFL superstars have appeared on the show such as Terry Bradshaw, Chad Johnson, Josh Cribbs, Terrell Suggs, Deion Sanders and recently JJ watt and Blair Walsh, and many more. The first four seasons are on DVD and Blu-Ray, and can be streamed on Netflix if you want to check them out, and you can catch brand new episodes on FXX Wednesdays at 10:30 PM. I hope that this article has interested you in checking out the show or if you were already a fan like me I hope that you enjoy the new season.

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