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WWE - Sin Cara: The Man Behind The Mask - Does It Matter Who Plays The Character?

By Rodrigo McCance - Posted: 12/04/13 10:57PM UTC
Sin Cara

The original Sin Cara (Mistico) at his WWE Press Conference back in 2011 (Photo: WWE Facebook)

Sin Cara has been a fixture on WWE television ever since his debut in 2011, but the career of the man who predominantly played him has been riddled with injuries, mood lighting, lack of confidence from the office and his perceived bad attitude. The man known as Mistico in Mexico who played him has now apparently been cast out from WWE, being told to sit at home and wait out until his contract expires if various news reports are to be believed.

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Mistico has had a frayed career as Sin Cara, and the character has become tainted as a result. Whether it has been botches in the ring, messing up things or losing his balance Mistico has never clicked. You could argue he has many problems from the start, he didn't go to developmental to learn the WWE 'style' nor did he speak English when he was introduced and he was believed to have a huge ego with numerous places claiming he thought he was a bigger star than he was.

On Raw this past Monday Sin Cara was played by Hunico, who has played Sin Cara before when Sin Cara Azul (as Mistico) feuded with Sin Cara Negro (Hunico). The man who defeated Alberto Del Rio on Monday had a tattoo on his shoulder and well, didnt mess anything up. Mistico tweeted during the match confirming he was sitting at home watching Raw. A very strange course of events but on the positive side Hunico knows the character and has performed the high flying, acrobatic style that people want to see from Sin Cara so switching the person behind the mask is no bad thing and we all knew something was up when he got a 3 count on Alberto Del Rio which is great way to re-introduce someone.

The character of Sin Cara has a lot of positives; he has an awesome look with great outfits, he has spine tingling music along with an atmospheric entrance and an arsenal of great looking moves. Sin Cara could bring a lot of mystique, spectacle and intrigue to the WWE television product if done correctly.

Its obvious that kids love him, being an older fan we can see his botches and know he was a superstar in Mexico but even on TV you see tons of kids with masks you probably see a lot more on live house shows even without him currently being there and Im sure a huge reason for keeping the character is to sell those masks and why not? 

The character is obviously something that WWE want to go forward with. Mistico never really was comfortable with it, so give it to someone like Hunico who is a talented performer and works excellent matches although there have been rumours that Hunico may not play the character on a permanent basis. So Sin Cara could be played by numerous people like Suicide/Manik in TNA who has been played by a few people to date (including Christopher Daniels, Kazarian and TJ Perkins). WWE have always been rumoured to be looking for that new Rey Mysterio to appeal to the Mexican demographic and they thought they had him in Mistico as Sin Cara but they didn't. Well now its Hunico's chance to do something with the character and try to get it over. Maybe without the baggage that Mistico carried Hunico can achieve something with the gimmick creating an aura with the character that is diffferent from they guy who messes things up all the time.

I think it hopefully teaches WWE a lesson in that there might be some value to keeping people the way they are. I know they want to copyright everything and own the property but perhaps Mistico should have just been Mistico and there was money to be made for everyone including a dream match with Rey Mysterio. Now though, we still have the Sin Cara character and that's no bad thing. Sometimes things don't work out they way you planned but they might just work out really great in the end and lets hope it is the case for Sin Cara.

Leave some commenta below and tell me if you think it matters who plays the Sin Cara character and check out my blog http://thesunsetflip.tumblr.com/ and follow me on twitter @kideternity2013 


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