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New York Knicks Rumors: Mike Woodson To Be Fired Soon?

By Brian Ethridge - Posted: 12/12/13 07:53PM EST
Mike Woodson

Woodson has plenty to ponder on the start the Knicks have made to the 2013 season (Photo: Twitter)

The New York Knicks, led by head coach Mike Woodson, have been struggling mightily thus far during the first part of the 2013-14 NBA season. To put things into perspective, the Knicks have dropped 11 of their last 13 basketball games.

The only thing keeping the rumors of Woodson being fired from coming true is the fact that the New York Knicks' players seemingly love Woodson. That is certainly the case when it comes to star player Carmelo Anthony.

"When we win, the heat is off. When we lose, the heat is on. That's just our business, that's our society, that's New York," Anthony said after scoring 30 points in an 83-78 win over the Chicago Bulls on Wednesday night. "It happens. He can't worry about that. We can't worry about that."

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Anthony is the leader of the Knicks and usually speaks out for the locker room. The team claims to be affected negatively by the rumors of their coach being fired, but they do realize that the NBA is a business and the only thing they can do to help Woodson keep his job is to start winning some basketball games.

"Yeah, we're worried about that. But then again, we've got to worry about playing basketball, man," Anthony said.

As for Woodson, he has been a coach for a very long time and he knows nothing is written in stone. Throughout the years he has learned not to worry about his job security and just be the best NBA coach he can possibly be day in and day out.

"I have been at this thing 30 years," Woodson said in an interview on ESPN New York 98.7 radio last month. "And the one thing I never and will never do is look over my shoulder. I won't do that. I got too much pride for that."

If we owned the New York Knicks we would not fire Mike Woodson, at least not yet. He has proven in the past that he knows how to lead a team to the NBA playoffs. What's happening this season with the Knicks is very unfortunate, but it is not fair to put the blame on Woodson's shoulders.

The Knicks have been hampered by injuries and Carmelo Anthony has not been playing like the elite player he is supposed to be. It is quite possible that Anthony is looking forward to becoming a free agent in the summer just a little bit more than he cared about leading the Knicks to the playoffs in 2014

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