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  • Movember and Rovember Show Their Chops With Brand Value…

    Former NY Road Runners CEO Mary Wittenberg and current CEO Michael Capirasso (together center) have helped transform the Marathon into a cause marketing bonanza. Wittenberg received the AKTIV Award last week for her work with cancer programs

  • Could The Next Big U.S. Import Be Sports Leagues?

    The NFL in London, MLB goes to Australia and Japan, the NBA goes well, everywhere, the NHL has been to most of Europe. American sport has been great at exporting its businesses and showcasing its players around the world in order to grow not just their athletes, but their brands as well. Are global governing bodies of sport starting to look more to the U.S.? It appears so.

  • AIG activates rugby ties with Haka virtual reality experience

    AIG activates rugby ties with haka virtual reality experience. We sit down with Danny Glantz, AIG Global Head of Sponsorship, for a conversation on the blend in low-tech and hi-tech in this unique visual experience - and of course what it and rugby means for AIG's bottom line.

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